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Thank you for using ER/Studio Data Architect, previously known as ER/Studio, the award-winning data modeling application for logical and physical database design and construction. ER/Studio Data Architect's (ER/Studio DA) powerful, multi-level design environment addresses the everyday needs of database administrators, developers and data architects who build and maintain large, complex database applications.

ER/Studio Data Architect's progressive interface and processes have been logically organized to effectively address the ease-of-use issues that have plagued data modeling tools for the past decade. The application facilitates your ability to create, understand and manage the mission-critical database designs within an enterprise. It offers strong logical design capabilities, bidirectional synchronization of logical and physical designs, automatic database construction, accurate reverse engineering of databases, and powerful HTML-based documentation and reporting facilities. Before you use ER/Studio, please read the information below.

Important Installation Notes

  • To install ER/Studio Data Architect on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7, you must have administrative privileges. Once you have installed ER/Studio DA, you can then log in as a standard or limited user and use the application without having administrative privileges.
  • In order to run ER/Studio DA, you must provide valid licensing information.
  • When you install ER/Studio DA, certain files and directories that were previously stored under the Program Files folder are now by default installed to system-specified application data directories.
  • During installation, the following directories are created:
    • For Datatype Mapping Editor files, which is also the default location for user-generated Datatype Mapping files:
    • For Automation Handler files, which is also the default location for sample macros:
    • For sample model files, for which a shortcut is generated in the ER/Studio DA program group:
      C:\ProgramData\IDERA\ERStudioDA_XXXX\Sample Models
  • When the application is run for the first time, the following directories are created by ER/Studio DA:
    • Directories used by the Repository client to transfer files to and from the Repository server:
    • Default directory for Report files:
    • Default directory for SQL scripts:
    • Default directory for Quicklaunch files:
    • Default Save location for new diagrams:
      C:ProgramData\IDERA\ERStudioDA_XXXX\Sample Models

Important Release Advisory

Note regarding installing on Windows 10

In some situations, background tasks may cause the installation to appear as though it has stopped, even though the progress on the setup window is indicating 100%. In these instances there may be a popup message indicating that a restart is required to finish installation. However, that message may be hidden behind the setup window. Try pressing ALT + TAB to bring the message to the foreground and answer to restart your computer and finish the installation.

Ensure Repository Sync

To ensure compatibility with ER/Studio Repository synchronization, this version of ER/Studio Data Architect requires ER/Studio Repository version 17.0 for all Repository operations.

ER/Studio Portal is no longer supported by ER/Studio Data Architect. Most functionality formerly provided by ER/Studio Portal is now provided by ER/Studio Team Server. Users who formerly used the Repository tab to browse the portal can use a Web browser instead.

License Enforcement

When working with the Repository, all users must use the same license type. ER/Studio now enforces this by marking the Repository as an Enterprise Team Edition Repository when a user with an Enterprise Team Edition license logs in. Subsequent log in attempts by users with a non-Team Edition license are not allowed.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Use your browser Find feature to locate a particular bug number or click a link below to see the issues addressed in a specific build.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Data Architect 18.1.0

ERS-24305 Corrected an issue when querying a large volume of mappings in Oracle-hosted Team Server databases, which sometimes cause an ORA-01795 exception message.
ERS-25396 Corrected an issue when attempting to right-click on a relationship inside of a business data object border.

This issue is resolved so that the relationship is on top, allowing selection as well as right-click for the context menu.

ERS-25424 Corrected an issue with business data objects when updating a logical model in one model file form a physical model in another file.

If compare and merge included business data objects, then the model tree pane in the target model was not automatically refreshing in real time to show entities contained in the business data object.

All data is correct, but the tree did not update to show these items until the next time the model was opened.

ERS-25847 Corrected an issue in the Hive physical model editor. If a user selected the check box for a complex data type, then the input field was not getting enabled to accept input.
ERS-26000 On some Windows 10 systems, when installing ER/Studio Data Architect, a message appeared upon completion indicating that a restart was required to finish installation.

However, when selecting Restart, the license dialog appeared rather than performing the restart.

This issue is fixed to display the message only when necessary, and then correctly executing once 'Restart' is clicked.

ERS-26214 The user guide in ER/Studio Viewer displayed the incorrect product icon (orange), rather than the rebranded IDERA icon (green).
ERS-26234 When checking a model into the repository, some tables with the Physical Only property set to Yes occasionally appeared on the conflict resolution page even though there were no changes or mismatched values.
ERS-26247 In some situations, when updating data lineage properties in the attribute editor, the application crashed when trying to resize the dialog box.
ERS-26323 Corrected an intermittent error which would sometimes cause tables designated as Physical Only to lose that property when checked into the repository.
ERS-26363 Help window incorrectly displayed 2016 for 17.0 and later releases.
ERS-26514 If a user tried to rename a repository project, but did not have the correct permissions to do so, the warning message that appeared stated that the user did nor have permission to create a project.

This message now is updated to clearly state that the permission applied to renaming the project.

ERS-26535 Updated the product logo in the Review and Resolve Conflicts dialog box at the repository check in.
ERS-26536 In some situations, notes and definitions that contain RTF formatting appeared on the conflict resolution dialog box during repository check in, even when there were no changes or conflicting values.
ERS-26538 Some property names were not showing correctly on the Review Changes dialog box during repository check in.

This issue is corrected and now properly displays all property names.

ERS-26539 When checking in a model with business data objects in which entities or tables were added to a business data object, the Review Changes was not showing the detailed containment links when clicking the More button to expand information.
ERS-26541 During model check in to the repository, the Review Changes dialog box was not displaying items that had been removed from submodels.
ERS-26560 When comparing a physical model to a database, if a model object's comments contain RTF formatting, it was flagged as a difference.

This issue is fixed by changing to use the plain text version of the comments when comparing to a database.

ERS-26669 A silent installation was not completing successfully on Windows 10 due to prompting for a restart confirmation that was disrupting the installation process.
ERS-26744 In some circumstances, deleting a repository project caused orphaned records in the SQL Server-hosted repository database.

ER/Studio Data Architect clients could not successfully log in. This issue is corrected.

ERS-26745 Corrected DDL generation for attribute comments inherited from a domain where the domain contains RTF comment formatting.
ERS-26807 The Review Changes dialog box displayed presentation data properties that were not relevant to check in and used only for publishing in Team Server.
ERS-26815 When opening editors to review information, even when no changes are made, a Discard Changes pop-up message appeared, requiring the user to confirm when exiting the editor.

This message was triggered incorrectly if the object contained a definition or note.

ERS-26825 Minor update to help content.
ERS-26915 Corrected intermittent error that occurred when installing an ER/Studio Data Architect build over an earlier build number within the same point release.
ERS-26980 Adding an Entity/Table to Business Data Object using the right click context menu was not functioning correctly when attempting to add to an empty Business Data Object.
ERS-27020 When reverse engineering with the model overview window open, intermittent halts occurred, displaying the message "ER/Studio has stopped working."
ERS-27053 When canceling the user or role editor windows, a "Discard Changes" warning would pop up even when no edits had been made.
ERS-27092 Corrected a memory leak in the repository server (RepoSrvDB.exe).

When running for long periods of time with a high frequency of check-ins, a low virtual memory condition would occur, causing the service to terminate.

ERS-27096 In some situations, when adding a new column to a table, the text entered in the columns definition tab was not being saved.
ERS-27117 The SAP Data Services Metawizard bridge was enabled for data lineage in addition to the existing metadata import capability.
ERS-27409 In Enterprise Team Edition environments, if the Auto-publish configuration (added in 18.0.0) was set to "On", checking in a model change would behave as though the "keep checked out" option had been specified. This has been corrected.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Data Architect 18.0.1

ERS-27184 Added a fix to SQL Server reverse-engineering with Windows authentication when using an upgraded driver.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Data Architect 18.0.0

ERS-25821 Updated repository password encryption.
ERS-26137 Publishing of models into Team Server is fully redesigned.

In ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition, there now is an additional prompt allowing you to publish a model triggered at check-in, or held and not published, if desired.

This feature works in conjunction with the new global publishing options in Team Server.

ERS-26385 Updated documentation for repository connection options.
ERS-26434 Corrected an issue causing RTF format tags to display some object editors.
ERS-26646 Updated the Compare and Merge CMO file to be consistent with the updated password encryption.
ERS-26945 Added a selectable SQL Server driver for forward and reverse engineering.

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from ER/Studio Portal to ER/Studio Team Server

For detailed instructions on upgrading to ER/Studio Team Server, see Team Server Upgrade Notes.

Upgrades for ER/Studio Repository users

To use the repository with this release, you must run that same version number of ER/Studio Repository.

Upgrades for versions of ER/Studio Repository prior to 2016

Repository is now installed as part of Team Server. To upgrade an earlier version of Repository, please see Upgrading From Previous Versions.

IDERA Technical Support

To contact Support, go to Customer Support Center.

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