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18.4 Features Summary

Offers new Datatype Mappings File Merge tool

This version of ER/Studio includes the Datatype Mappings File Merge tool. This utility allows you to merge into the latest ER/Studio version all user-defined logical and physical datatypes and their mappings from previous versions and resolve any duplication. For more information about this tool, see Datatype Mappings File Merge Tool.

ERDA 184 Datatype Mappings File Merge Tool.png

Supports Snowflake

ER/Studio Data Architect and Team Server/Repository now support Snowflake database platform. Please see the following topics for more information about how ER/Studio supports Snowflake:

Expands support for logical data types

ER/Studio adds support for the following logical datatypes:

  • FLOAT4
  • FLOAT8
  • JSON

Adds Spell Check management feature

This release of ER/Studio Data Architect allows users to manage whether they want to enable spell check functionality in descriptions, notes, and more. Users who may add notes and comments in a language other than the installed version may want to disable this feature in the Diagram tab of the Options window to avoid spell check from applying rules to non-native content. For more information about this feature, see Diagram tab.

18.3 Features Summary

Expands support for Amazon Redshift

ER/Studio improves support for Amazon Redshift by implementing the following additional database objects:

  • Functions
  • Procedures
  • Schemas
  • Users
  • Permissions

Expands support for PostgreSQL

ER/Studio Data Architect brings support for PostgreSQL 10.x, 11.x, and 12.x up to the level of a core platform by implementing Import from SQL and Alter SQL Generation.

This release also includes new Functions and Procedures database objects to support PostgreSQL.

For more information about supported platforms, see Supported Database Platforms.

18.2 Features Summary

Supports Amazon Redshift

ER/Studio Data Architect and Team Server/Repository now support Amazon Redshift database platform.

Includes new MITI bridge support

This release of ER/Studio includes the following additional bridges added to stand-alone ER/Studio Data Architect:

  • Borland Together (via UML 2.x XMI)
  • CA Component Modeler 4.x (via UML 1.x XMI)
  • NoMagic MagicDraw (via UML 2.x XMI)
  • OMG UML 1.x XMI 1.x
  • OMG UML 2.x XMI 2.x
  • Oracle Data Modeler (ODM) 4.x

Also, two new import bridges are included for ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Aurora Database (via JDBC)
  • W3C XML Schema Definition (XSD) 1.0 Reverse Engineering

For the complete list of bridges, see:

18.1.1 Features Summary

There are no new features in ER/Studio Data Architect 18.1.1. This release does include a number of fixed issues that you may review in the Release Notes.

18.1 Features Summary

There are no new features in ER/Studio Data Architect 18.1. This release does include a number of fixed issues that you may review in the Release Notes.

18.0 Features Summary

Improved publishing of models into Team Server

Users now can automatically publish the diagram when adding or checking in a diagram to ER/Studio Repository. In the Add Diagram to ER/Studio Repository and Repository Check In dialogs, check Auto Publish to enable this feature. When checked, this option automatically publishes the diagram in Team Server without the user needing to manually publish. The diagram then is visible and enabled when Allow Auto Publish of New Diagram is set to Yes in Team Server > Admin > Publication Preferences. For more information about this feature, see Adding a Diagram or Data Dictionary to the Repository and Best Practices.

Improved repository password encryption

This release includes enhanced encryption of repository passwords for all supported platforms.

Allows you to select a SQL Server driver

This release includes the option to select a SQL Server driver when necessary for forward and reverse engineering within your environment.

Supports Oracle 12c R2

Oracle 12c R2 is certified as a deployment platform for Team Server/Repository.

No longer offers 32-bit version

ER/Studio Data Architect now is available as a 64-bit executable only. All 32-bit versions are discontinued.

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