Changing the Diagram File Name

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Renames the file in the Repository that is associated with a selected diagram. The file name is defined by the system when you first add the diagram to the Repository and is initially the same as the Diagram Name.

  • Renaming the diagram using the Change Diagram Filename option, does not change the diagram name as displays in Diagram Title box. You can change the Diagram Properties and the content of the Diagram Title box by opening the diagram, choosing File > Diagram and then editing the name on the Information dialog.
  1. Log in to the Repository.
  2. Choose Repository > Diagrams > Change Diagram Filename.
  3. In the tree, navigate to and then select the file whose name you want to change.
  4. Click Rename.
  5. In the Change Filename dialog, enter a new file name and document the file name change in the Comment box. Change Filename dialog as appropriate.
  6. Click OK, verify the name change is as you expected, and then click Close.


  • As with any Version Control Software (VCS), all users should check in all changes and perform a clean get after renaming.

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