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Caution.pngImportant: The Repository installation is now part of Team Server and for the latest upgrade information, please see the Team Server wiki

Upgrade Checklist

  • Download ER/Studio Enterprise Upgrade. To download the most current release, go to the ER/Studio Data Architect page.
  • Review the ER/Studio ReadMe. For the most current installation and usage information, see the online version.
  • In case you need to upgrade Team Server/Repository to match the features available in your version of ER/Studio Data Architect, see Upgrading Team Server and Repository.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: This procedure is for ER/Studio Enterprise installations only, which include the Repository. When you upgrade ER/Studio Data Architect, you must also upgrade ER/Studio Repository to correspond with the same build date as ER/Studio Data Architect.

Caution.pngImportant: To ensure compatibility with ER/Studio Repository synchronization, this version of ER/Studio Data Architect requires at least ER/Studio Repository version 2016 for all Repository operations.

License Enforcement - When working with the Repository, all users must use the same license type. ER/Studio now enforces this by marking the Repository as an Enterprise Team Edition Repository when a user with an Enterprise Team Edition license logs in. Subsequent log in attempts by users with a non-Team Edition license will not be allowed.

Preparing to Upgrade the Repository

User Preparations

  1. Ensure you have backed up all your.dm1 files.
  2. Check in all your diagrams and objects. If you try to check in a file from the previous version with the same name as a current file, the current file will become corrupted.
  3. Rename all local copies of Repository diagrams in the active file directory as follows:
    1. Choose Repository > Options.
    2. Make note of the Active File Directory.
    3. Switch to the Windows Explorer and rename all the diagrams in the Active File Directory.

Administrator Preparations

  1. Ensure no one is logged into the Repository.
  2. Backup the current Repository database.
  3. Restart the Repository host computer.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: If you are upgrading from a Repository version prior to 4.0, you can delete the C:\Program Files\IDERA\Repository\Data directory. This directory is not used with Repository versions 4.0 and later.

Upgrades from ER/Studio Repository 6.x/7.0 to 2016

  1. Prepare the Repository for upgrade.
  2. Log on to Windows with local administrator privileges.
  3. Start the Repository installation program and select Repair Repository Services. The installation program starts the following services:
    • IDERA Repository Communication Server.
    • IDERA Repository Database Server.
    • IDERA Repository Event and Dispatch Server.

The Repository services and your existing database will be upgraded to the current version.

Upgrades from ER/Studio Repository prior to 6

The Repository upgrade must be done incrementally from one major version to the next until the target version is reached. You cannot skip major versions during the Repository upgrade as the installer for each major version only contains the database changes between the new version and the previous one.

When upgrading from earlier versions, such as from 5.5 to Repository 6.6, you must first upgrade the Repository to version 6.0, update the database, uninstall version 6.0, then upgrade to 6.6, and update the database. Once the Repository upgrade is complete and you have installed the latest version of ER/Studio Data Architect, then you should upgrade your diagrams to the latest version of ER/Studio DA.

Consult IDERA Technical Support when upgrading from versions prior to 4.5.

Important Notes

  • Always back up the Repository database before upgrading.
  • You can install ER/Studio Data Architect and an earlier ER/Studio Data Architect version on the same workstation.

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