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ER/Studio Data Architect 2016 (16.0.3) release notes updated May 27th, 2016.

Release 2016 features summary:

Business Data Objects

  • You can now group your entities/tables into Business Data Objects. These objects allow you to better describe your business concepts by grouping entities or tables that share a common relationship in to a visible container.

Model/Submodel NSTs

Windows 10 Support

  • You can now install your favorite Data Modeling software on your newest OS.

Teradata Support

Teradata Enhancements

  • Period Datatypes.
  • Temporal Datatypes.
  • Teradata JSON Support.

SQL Azure Support

  • Microsoft SQL Azure is now fully supported for all operations.


  • Now ER/Studio Data Architect includes the ability to generate column comments for MySQL when using the DDL Generation Wizard.
  • MIMB package updated to 9.0.2.

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