Deleting Diagrams from the Repository

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The Delete Diagram operation lets you delete a diagram from the Repository. This also renders the diagram on the local disk unusable.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: This is a destructive action. Before deleting a diagram, notify other users who may be currently accessing it. Save the diagram under a different name on your local disk in case you need to access it again.

  1. Log in to the Repository.
  2. Choose Repository > Diagram > Delete a Diagram.
  3. In the Select a Diagram to Delete dialog, select the diagram to delete.
  4. Select the Leave Diagram Data behind and marked as Deleted check box.
    Although not required, use this option because it will prevent total loss of the diagram. With this option selected, the diagram can later be retrieved if necessary.
  5. Click OK.

Additional Information

  • When you delete a Diagram from the Repository, the local copy of the Diagram is also deleted. If you want to save your local copy of the Diagram, you must rename the *.DM1 file.
  • When deleting a diagram, ER/Studio Data Architect leaves diagram data behind and marks it as deleted. If deleted, data is still present in the Repository but visible only when querying the Repository directly, not through ER/Studio Data Architect client.

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