Logging In and Out of the Repository and ER/Studio TS

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Go Up to Working with ERStudio Repository

Log in to the Repository or ER/Studio Team Server

  • To log in to the Repository and/or Team Server, click Log In.
    ERDA 190 TS Login.png
  • To activate Team Server log in, check the Also log in to Team Server Core box. This area is not available to users who do not have an Enterprise license.
  • Complete the log in dialog, and then click OK.

The following describes the options that require additional explanation:

User Name: Enter your user name. This is case-sensitive.

Password: Enter your password. This is case-sensitive. You can change your password by selecting Repository > Security > Change Password.

Log in using current Windows Account: Select this option to log in to the Repository or ER/Studio TS using the user name and password of the current Windows user. This option accesses the LDAP server on the network to verify the user's credentials.

Remember me: Select this option to retain your credentials for faster login next time.


  • During the Repository Installation, a default user name and password Admin is set as the default. The Administrator should change the Admin password after the initial log in.
  • The Admin user cannot be deleted. This prevents an accidental lockout. You can set up additional users with Roles and Privileges to maintain Repository security.
  • If an administrator changes the repository security, users must log in again to update their permissions.

Log out of the Repository

  1. To log out of the Repository, click Log Out.
  2. In the Operation Status dialog, select the desired options and operations and then click Close.
  3. If you select Do Not Display Dialog Again and later want to see the Operation Status dialog, you can re-enable it in Options. For more information, see Setting Repository and ER/Studio TS Options.

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