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The Repository provides access to diagrams for more than one person at a time. Modelers can update or delete model information simultaneously by working with ER/Studio Data Architect in the normal fashion and by merging their changes into a single model.

To use Repository operations such as check in, check out, and get diagram, you must first specify the Repository connection details and then log in to the Repository. To explore the Repository, you need to specify the ER/Studio Team Server server connection details and then log in to ER/Studio TS.

  • During the Repository Installation, a default user name and password Admin is set. The Admin user name and password has Super User privileges, which means Admin has all available Repository Privileges. The Admin user should secure the Repository by creating users and roles. For more information, see Establishing Security for the Repository.

When you are finished working with the Repository, you should log out. If you close ER/Studio Data Architect, you are automatically logged out of the Repository.

This section provides usage information for Repository Users.

Items covered in this section include:

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