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The Home view, accessible from the main toolbar, gives you access to several HTML5 Builder tools from its sidebar:

From this page you can access the latest HTML5 Builder videos, news, and your latest projects.
From here you can start a new project or create a new file.
Select a category from the left column treeview, and then double-click the type of project or file you want to create.
A single click on a project or file entry will open related information on the bottom-right frame.
This entry will bring up a dialog from which you open files in your disk with HTML5 Builder.
This page lists the latest projects and files you’ve been working with, so you can easily access to them.
Project Manager
From this page you can manage your working project and files.
This page lets you manage your installed RPCL packages.
From this page you can customize HTML5 Builder to fit your needs.
This wizard generates automated API documentation frou your project’s source code.
Use this wizard to generate the resources to localize your application to different languages.
This wizard lets you deploy your application so you can install it on a web server.
Deploy to Mobile
Use this wizard to generate a client-side version of your mobile application.
Click here to print the source code of the working file. The printed code will include syntax highlighting, line numbers, etc.
After you click Print, a dialog will pop up providing you with some customizable options before the file is sent to the default printer.

Note: If there is no open file, this option won’t work.

From here you can access the offline documentation for HTML5 Builder and some third-party technologies.
There are additional help resources you can access other than documentation.
Close HTML5 Builder.