Backup an Encrypted Database

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Go Up to Backup and Restore an Encrypted Database

  1. Connect to the database as owner of the database.
  2. Double-click on Database Backup in the right pane or select Database > Maintenance > Backup/Restore > Backup from the menu. The Database Backup dialog is displayed.
  3. IBConsole supplies a default filename for the backup file. To override this click the browse button to the right of the File Name input box. Here you can select another backup file or create a new file name.
  4. In the Options group box select the Encryption Key from the dropdown box. IBConsole lists all available password protected encryption keys.
  5. IBConsole already has the SEP so you do not need to specify this.
  6. Click OK and a the cursor changes to a “processing” cursor. Once the backup is completed, an information dialog tells you the database backup is complete.

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