Creating a Database Shadow

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InterBase lets you recover a database in case of disk failure, network failure, or accidental deletion of the database. The recovery method is called shadowing. This section describes the various tasks involved in shadowing, as well as the advantages and limitations of shadowing. The main tasks in setting up and maintaining shadowing are as follows:

  • CREATING A SHADOW Shadowing begins with the creation of a shadow. A shadow is an identical physical copy of a database. When a shadow is defined for a database, changes to the database are written simultaneously to its shadow. In this way, the shadow always reflects the current state of the database. For information about the different ways to define a shadow, see Using CREATE SHADOW.
  • DELETING A SHADOW If shadowing is no longer desired, the shadow can be deleted. For more information about deleting a shadow, see Dropping a Shadow (Creating Databases).
  • ADDING FILES TO A SHADOW A shadow can consist of more than one file. As shadows grow in size, files can be added to accommodate the increased space requirements.


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