Dropping Triggers

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During database design and application development, a trigger may no longer be useful. To permanently remove a trigger, use DROP TRIGGER.

The following restrictions apply to dropping triggers:

  • Only the creator of a trigger can drop it.
  • Triggers currently in use cannot be dropped.

To temporarily remove a trigger, use ALTER TRIGGER and specify INACTIVE in the header.

The DROP TRIGGER syntax is as follows:


The trigger <name> must be the name of an existing trigger. The following example drops the trigger, SET_CUST_NO:


You cannot drop a trigger if it is in use by a CHECK constraint (a system-defined trigger). Use ALTER TABLE to remove or modify the CHECK clause that defines the trigger.

Note: Direct metadata operations, such as dropping triggers, increase the metadata version. At most 255 such operations can be performed before you must back up and restore the database.

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