Requirements and Constraints (Global Temporary Tables)

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A transaction which has been specified as READ ONLY is allowed to update temporary tables.

Granting privileges on a temporary table to an entity must specify all privileges.

There are some semantic restrictions between how permanent tables and temporary tables are allowed to interact. For the most part, general constraints and referential integrity constraints require that for a given table on which those constraints are defined, the tables those constraints reference must have the same table scope as that of the source table. Permanent tables can only have referential and check constraints to other permanent tables, and temporary tables can only have constraints against other temporary tables.

Another example is the check constraint with a subquery component; the table on which the check constraint is defined must match in table scope the table referenced in the subquery.

Domains are not allowed to reference temporary tables in check constraints.

gbak backs up a temporary tables’ metadata only, not its data. isql adds an ON COMMIT descriptive line in the SHOW TABLE command. isql extract adds GLOBAL TEMPORARY and ON COMMIT clauses when extracting temporary tables. GRANT privileges are always extracted as ALL PRIVILEGES.

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