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External Defect # Description
(QC)SalesForce #
Internal Defect #
InterBase 2017: Mar 2017, bugs fixed in version 2017.
INTB-3262 InterBase XE7 Linux 64bit installer will add duplicate "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" configuration in /etc/profile

SF Case 536921

InterBase backup hangs at a table with a Change View subscription.
INTB-3155 Online dump failure: disk writes would not settle down
INTB-3154 SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TMP$STATEMENTS - conversion error
INTB-3153 APPDATA_DIRECTORY IBConfig setting broken by Windows 10 Update
INTB-3145 Shadow feature is blind to activated shadow.

SF Case 528267

Query significantly slower when ORDER BY is optimized to use index

QC 138129

Database shutdown causes abnormal termination on a database with Journals and Linger interval set.
INTB-3104 "expression evaluation not supported" on CASE statement
INTB-3058 [WISE installer] Installer does not respect provided INSTANCE/TCP_PORT values from properties file when /s option is not provided.
INTB-3044 IBConsole does not show proper value for "Page Buffers" in Database Properties form.
INTB-3043 IBConsole Trigger Editor returns error when doing CREATE or ALTER TRIGGER.

Case IBP-26

Change View Subscription causes columns in a group by to be null

SF Case 501670

Change View Subscription causes columns in a group by to be null.

SF Case 514550

archive_recover does not work when database has ODS 15.
INTB-3000 GROUP BY does not accept column alias names.
INTB-2971 Database corruption during fast expansion of single table from multiple clients.
INTB-2970 Deadlock at database header page when enabling database shadowing.

SF Case 454420

Back up fails when database contains a change view subscription.
INTB-2900 [Change Views] Alter TABLE add column should reflect subscription which subscribe to altered table
INTB-2879 Windows 10 update deletes Files in AppData Directory.
INTB-2742 InterBase crashes when running execute statement procedures under stress.
INTB-2679 TMP$DATABASE fields TMP$CURRENT_MEMORY and TMP$CACHE_POOL_MEMORY wrapping over signed 32bit integer values
INTB-2670 "sort error: not enough memory" reported while restoring a large database

SF Case 437482

Many concurrent users run faster as sysdba user vs non sysdba user.
INTB-2464 IBConsole truncate strings when displaying.
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