Restore an Encrypted Database

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Go Up to Backup and Restore an Encrypted Database

To restore a database logon as SYSDBA or as the owner of the database, make sure you are not connected to the database, then do the following steps:

  1. Right-click the Backup node in the left pane and select Restore or select Database > Maintenance > Backup/Restore > Restore from the menu. The Database Restore dialog opens.
  2. First, specify the backup file to be restored. In the Backup File(s) option, select File... from the Alias field.
  3. In the File Open dialog browser to your backup file and click Open.
  4. In the Database option, specify the database to restore to. Select a database alias from the Alias drop down or specify a file.
  5. You need to set the following options:
    • If you are restoring to the original database file name, you need to set Overwrite to True.
    • In SEP you must specify the SEP of the backup file. At this point IBConsole does not make any assumption about the SEP of a backup file. So you must specify the SEP you used when you encrypted the database.
    • In the Decrypt Password field, supply the password of the encryption key used to create the backup file.
    • Specify the name of the database owner and password in the EUA User Name and EUA Password fields.
  6. Click OK to start the restore. Once the restore is complete, you will get a completion message.

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