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The InterBase Server and InterBase Guardian must be started before you enable database connections. On Windows platforms, you can use the InterBase Manager to start and stop the InterBase Server and Guardian. In previous versions of InterBase the InterBase Manager is a Windows Control Panel applet. Now the InterBase Manager is an application installed for each instance of the InterBase Server installed. To start the InterBase Manager, choose Start|Programs|<InterBase install directory>. You can use InterBase Manager to do the following:

  • Choose the server startup mode: whether to start the InterBase server manually, or have it start automatically at system boot time.
  • Change the path to the server: if you click the Change option, you can browse and select a different directory.
  • Change how InterBase Server operates. By default, InterBase runs automatically as a service on Windows platforms, though it is possible (but not recommended) to run it as an application.
Note: To start InterBase Server as an application from a command prompt or in a batch file, invoke InterBase Guardian with the following options:
ibguard -a -p service_name -i interbase_env_variable

Options: Start and Stop InterBase Commands are:

Command/option Description


Start as application.


Environment variable; identifies the Server location for clients that want to connect locally to the Server.


Port number; where the <service_name> is the entry in the services file pointing to the port number where InterBase Server listens for connection requests from clients.

InterBase Guardian starts the server, and places an icon in the System Tray.

  • Start InterBase Server and InterBase Guardian, via a Start/Stop button. Click Start in the InterBase Manager Status area to start InterBase Server (and InterBase Guardian). The server status changes, and an InterBase Guardian icon appears in the system tray. Once you have started the InterBase Server, you can exit InterBase Manager, and both InterBase Server and InterBase Guardian will continue to run. The InterBase Guardian icon remains in the System Tray until you stop the server.
  • Stop InterBase Server and InterBase Guardian, via a Start/Stop button. Click Stop in the InterBase Manager Status area to stop InterBase Server (and InterBase Guardian). Or, right-click the InterBase Guardian icon in the System Tray and choose Shutdown.

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