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Before creating the database, you should know:

  • Where to create the database. Users who create databases need to know only the logical names of the available devices in order to allocate database storage. Only the system administrator needs to be concerned about physical storage (disks, disk partitions, operating system files).
  • The tables that the database will contain.
  • The record size of each table, which affects what database page size you choose. A record that is too large to fit on a single page requires more than one page fetch to read or write to it, so access could be faster if you increase the page size.
  • How large you expect the database to grow. The number of records also affects the page size because the number of pages affects the depth of the index tree. Larger page size means fewer total pages. InterBase operates more efficiently with a shallow index tree.
  • The number of users that will be accessing the database.

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