Licensing ToGo and IBLite for iOS

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Go Up to iOS Application

RAD Studio users only get InterBase ToGo Test Deployment and IBLite licenses with their product. Both InterBase ToGo Test Deployment and IBLite can be used for development and testing. For more information refer to  IBToGo Licensing

When you are ready to deploy your applications to customers/production/appstore, you can either use the free IBLite license you have, or contact Embarcadero for an InterBase ToGo license.

InterBase Runtime File Locations for Apple iOS

The InterBase related files are separated into the following categories:

  • Temporary files are created under the <Application Home>/tmp directory.
  • Transient files such as isc_lock, isc_init and temporary sort files are created here.
  • interbase.log (informational and error messages from InterBase) file) is delivered under the <Application Home>/Documents/interbase directory.
  • Read/Write files and files used by InterBase for setup are located in the <Application_Home>/Documents/interbase directory.

The following files should be delivered in this directory: ibconfig, interbase.msg, license/folder and related license files, and admin.ib (if used).
For OTW/SSL connections, the recommended folder for providing supporting files is <Application_Home>/Documents/interbase. In your OTW connection, be sure to provide relative argument values. For example:<database_file_path>

Deploying InterBase with your Applications on iOS

The databases deployed on the mobile device can either have centralized user authentication via admin.ib, or use EUA to control user access within the database. EUA use could limit the need to deploy admin.ib on the target mobile device for database access.

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