Referential Integrity, Stored Procedures, and Triggers

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All relational databases have certain features in common that allow applications to store and manipulate data. InterBase also provides other database-specific, features that can prove useful for ensuring consistent relationships between the tables in a database. These include:

  • Referential integrity. Referential integrity provides a mechanism to prevent master/detail relationships between tables from being broken. When the user attempts to delete a field in a master table which would result in orphaned detail records, referential integrity rules prevent the deletion or automatically delete the orphaned detail records.
  • Stored procedures. Stored procedures are sets of SQL statements that are named and stored on a SQL server. Stored procedures usually perform common database-related tasks on the server, and return sets of records (datasets).
  • Triggers. Triggers are sets of SQL statements that are automatically executed in response to a particular command.

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