Evolve Wall Mounted Switch

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Evolve Wall Mounted Switch is a smart lighting control system from Evolve. The inclusion of this switch on a Z-Wave network allows remote On/Off control and dimming of loads connected.

Use the TVeraEvolveWallMountedSwitch component to communicate with the Evolve Wall Mounted Switch.

Demo Location

You can find the sample projects for the Evolve Wall Mounted Switch in the following IoT demo directories after installing the component:

  • Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Berlin | Samples and then navigate to:
    • Delphi: Internet of Things\Object Pascal\Thing Connect\VeraEvolveWallMountedSwitch
    • C++: Internet of Things\CPP\Thing Connect\VeraEvolveWallMountedSwitch

Available Properties

The Evolve Wall Mounted Switch component offers the following properties:

Property Data Type Description Read Write
DeviceID Integer
DeviceName String
ManufacturerName String
ModelName String
OnOffTarget Integer Turns On or Off the device.

0 - Off
1 – On

PnPID Integer
TargetState Integer The target state of the device

Device Details

  • Device: Evolve Wall Mounted Switch
  • Manufacturer: Evolve
  • Model: EV-LSM15
  • Technology: Z-Wave

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