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Generic Heart Rate Monitor is a Bluetooth LE generic component that provides heart rate measurements for IoT devices that use the standard GATT-based heart rate service.

Use the TGenericHeartRateMonitor component to communicate with a heart rate monitor device.

Demo Location

You can find the sample projects for the Generic Heart Rate Monitor in the following IoT demo directories after installing the component:

  • Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Berlin | Samples and then navigate to:
    • Delphi: Internet of Things\Object Pascal\Thing Connect\GenericHRM
    • C++: Internet of Things\CPP\Thing Connect\GenericHRM

Supported Services

Generic Heart Rate Monitor component supports the following Bluetooth LE services and characteristics:

Service Characteristic Property Event Read Subscribe Write
Heart Rate Body Sensor Location BodySensorLocation OnBodySensorLocationUpdate
Heart Rate Control Point(*) HeartRateControlPoint
Heart Rate Measurement OnHeartRateMeasurementUpdate

(*) Note: This characteristic only applies when ExpendedValueSatus=1. This field is present in the TGattHeartRateMeasurement data that is retreived in the heart rate measurement update.

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