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Scosche Rhythm Speed/Cadence Sensor is a Bluetooth LE based sensor from Scosche. This bike sensor connects with your device and delivers accurate real-time cadence and speed data.

Use the TScoscheCSC component to communicate with the Scosche Rhythm Speed/Cadence Sensor.

Demo Location

You can find the sample projects for the Scosche Rhythm Speed/Cadence Sensor in the following IoT demo directories after installing the component:

  • Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Berlin | Samples and then navigate to:
    • Delphi: Internet of Things\Object Pascal\Thing Connect\ScoscheCSC
    • C++: Internet of Things\CPP\Thing Connect\ScoscheCSC

Supported Services

The Scosche Rhythm Speed/Cadence Sensor component supports the following Bluetooth LE services and characteristics:

Service Characteristic Property Event Read Subscribe Write
Cycling Speed and Cadence CSC Feature CSCFeature OnCSCFeatureUpdate
CSC Measurement CSCMeasurement OnCSCMeasurementUpdate
SC Control Point SCControlPoint(*) OnSCControlPointUpdate
Sensor Location SensorLocation OnSensorLocationUpdate
Device Information Firmware Revision String FirmwareRevision OnFirmwareRevisionUpdate
Manufacturer Name String ManufacturerName OnManufacturerNameUpdate
Serial Number String SerialNumber OnSerialNumberUpdate
System ID SystemID OnSystemIDUpdates

(*) Note: The Bluetooth standard defines the SC Control Point characteristic as write/subscription. However, the manufacturer defines the SCControlPoint property for this specific device as readable.

Device Details

  • Device: Scosche Cycling Speed and Cadence Monitor
  • Manufacturer: Scosche
  • Firmware: 1.1
  • Technology: Bluetooth LE

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