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AddpublicAdds a new string to the list.
AddObjectpublicAdds a string to the list, and associates an object with the string.
AddPairpublicAdds name-value pairs to the list of strings using fluent-style coding.
AfterConstructionpublicResponds after the last constructor has executed.
AppendpublicAdds a string to the list.
AssignpublicSets, from a source object, the strings in the list and the possibly associated objects.
AssignToprotectedCopies the properties of an object to a destination object.
BeforeDestructionpublicResponds before the first destructor executes.
BeginUpdatepublicEnables the TStrings object to track when the list of strings is changing.
ChangedprotectedFires an OnChange event.
ChangingprotectedFires an OnChanging event.
CheckDisposedprotectedThis method is deprecated.
ClassInfopublicReturns a pointer to the run-time type information (RTTI) table for the object type.
ClassNamepublicReturns a string indicating the type of the object instance (as opposed to the type of the variable passed as an argument).
ClassNameIspublicDetermines whether an object is of a specific type.
ClassParentpublicReturns the type of the immediate ancestor of a class.
ClassTypepublicReturns the class reference for the object's class.
CleanupInstancepublicPerforms finalization on long strings, variants, and interface variables within a class.
ClearpublicDeletes all the strings from the list.
CompareStringsprotectedCompares two strings.
CreatepublicCreates an instance of TFlatList.
CustomSortpublicSorts the strings in the list in a customized order.
DefaultHandlerpublicProvides the interface for a method that processes message records.
DefinePropertiesprotectedReads and writes the Strings property as if it were published.
DeletepublicRemoves the string specified by the Index parameter.
DispatchpublicCalls message-handling methods for the object, based on the contents of the Message parameter.
DisposeOfpublicDisposeOf forces the execution of the destructor code in an object.
EndUpdatepublicEnables the TStrings object to keep track of when the list of strings has finished changing.
EqualspublicCompares the list of strings to the list from another TStrings object and returns true if the two lists match.
ErrorprotectedRaises an EStringListError exception.
ExchangepublicSwaps the position of two strings in the list.
ExtractNameprotectedReturns the name portion of a string that is a name value pair.
FieldAddresspublicReturns the address of a published object field.
FindpublicLocates the index for a string in a sorted list and indicates whether a string with that value already exists in the list.
FindItemprotectedReturns the object referenced by Name.
FreepublicDestroys an object and frees its associated memory, if necessary.
FreeInstancepublicDeallocates memory allocated by a previous call to the NewInstance method.
GetprotectedReturns a string, given its index.
GetCapacityprotectedReturns the currently allocated size of the strings list.
GetCountprotectedReturns the number of elements in the list of fields or field definitions.
GetDisposedprotectedGetter for the Disposed property.
GetEnumeratorpublicReturns a TStrings enumerator.
GetHashCodepublicReturns an integer containing the hash code.
GetInterfacepublicRetrieves a specified interface.
GetInterfaceEntrypublicReturns the entry for a specific interface implemented in a class.
GetInterfaceTablepublicReturns a pointer to a structure containing all of the interfaces implemented by a given class.
GetNamePathpublicReturns the name of the object as it appears in the Object Inspector.
GetObjectprotectedReturns the object associated with the string at a specified index.
GetOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of an object.
GetTextpublicAllocates a text buffer and fills it with the value of the Text property.
GetTextStrprotectedReturns the value of the Text property.
GetUpdatedprotectedReturns whether the list has been updated or not.
IndexOfpublicReturns the position of a string in the list.
InheritsFrompublicDetermines the relationship of two object types.
InitInstancepublicInitializes a newly allocated object instance to all zeros and initializes the instance's virtual method table pointer.
InsertpublicInserts a string to the list at the position specified by Index.
InsertItemprotectedInternally used by the AddObject method.
InsertObjectpublicInserts a string into the list at the specified position, and associates it with an object.
InstanceSizepublicReturns the size in bytes of each instance of the object type.
ListChangingprotectedRaises an exception if the list is locked.
LoadFromFilepublicFills the string list with the lines of text in a specified file.
LoadFromStreampublicFills the list with lines of text read from a stream.
MethodAddresspublicReturns the address of a class method by name.
MethodNamepublicReturns the name of a class method by address.
MovepublicChanges the position of a string in the list.
NewInstancepublicAllocates memory for an instance of an object type and returns a pointer to that new instance.
operator []publicReturns the string at a specified position.
PutprotectedChanges the value of the string with a specified index.
PutObjectprotectedChanges the object associated with the string at a specified index.
QualifiedClassNamepublicReturns the qualified name of the class.
SafeCallExceptionpublicHandles exceptions in methods declared using the safecall calling convention.
SaveToFilepublicSaves the strings in the current object to the specified FileName file.
SaveToStreampublicWrites the value of the Text property to the Stream stream.
SetCapacityprotectedChanges the amount of memory allocated to hold strings in the list.
SetEncodingprotectedProtected setter of the Encoding property.
SetStringspublicSets the strings from another TStrings object to the list of strings.
SetTextpublicSets the Text property.
SetTextStrprotectedSets the Text property.
SetUpdateStateprotectedPerforms internal adjustments before or after a series of updates.
SortpublicSorts the strings in the list in ascending order.
ToObjectArraypublicReturns the TObject array associated with Strings.
ToStringpublicReturns a string containing the class name.
ToStringArraypublicConverts a TStrings descendant to a string array.
UnitNamepublicReturns the name of the unit where the class is defined.
UnitScopepublicReturns the class's unit scope.
UpdatepublicRefreshes the strings and objects to reflect the current state of the physical fields underlying the dataset.
UpdateListprotectedVirtual abstract method to be implemented in subclasses.