Data.DB.TFlatList Properties

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CapacitypublicIndicates the number of strings the TStrings object can hold.
CaseSensitivepublicControls whether strings are located, sorted, and identified as duplicates in a case-sensitive or case-insensitive manner.
CommaTextpublicLists the strings in the TStrings object in a single comma-delimited string.
CountpublicIntroduces an abstract property to represent the number of strings in the list.
DataSetpublicIdentifies the dataset to which the TFlatList object belongs.
DefaultEncodingpublicThe default encoding for the current object.
DelimitedTextpublicRepresents all the strings in the TStrings object as a single delimited string.
DelimiterpublicSpecifies the delimiter used by the DelimitedText property.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
DuplicatespublicSpecifies whether duplicate strings can be added to sorted lists.
EncodingpublicCharacter encoding determined during reading from a stream or file.
KeyNamespublicIndicates the names from the list of strings that contains name-value pairs.
LineBreakpublicDefines line-break characters.
LockedprotectedSpecifies whether the list is in a locked state.
NamespublicIndicates the name part of strings that are name-value pairs.
NameValueSeparatorpublicIndicates the character used to separate names from values.
ObjectspublicRepresents a set of objects that are associated one with each of the strings in the Strings property.
OptionspublicControls a set of boolean properties of TStrings.
OwnsObjectspublicSpecifies whether the string list owns the objects it contains.
QuoteCharpublicSpecifies the quote character used by the DelimitedText property.
SortedpublicSpecifies whether the strings in the list should be automatically sorted.
StrictDelimiterpublicDetermines how the Delimiter property is used.
StringspublicReferences the strings in the list by their positions.
StringsAdapterpublicImplements an IStringsAdapter interface for the TStrings object.
TextpublicLists the strings in the TStrings object as a single string with the individual strings delimited by carriage returns and line feeds.
TrailingLineBreakpublicDetermines whether to add a line Break after the last line of the Text property or not.
UpdateCountprotectedIndicates the number of calls to BeginUpdate that have not been matched by a call to EndUpdate.
UpdatedprotectedSpecifies whether the list has been updated or not.
UpdatingpublicIndicates whether or not the list of strings is in the middle of an update.
UseLocalepublicDetermines the implementation that the list of strings must use for string comparison.
ValueFromIndexpublicRepresents the value part of a string with a given index, on strings that are name-value pairs.
ValuespublicRepresents the value part of a string associated with a given name, on strings that are name-value pairs.
WriteBOMpublicWill cause SaveToStream and SaveToFile to write a BOM.