FMX.Forms3D.TCustomForm3D Properties

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ActionprotectedSpecifies the action associated with the control.
ActionClientpublicSpecifies whether the component object has an associated action.
ActivepublicSpecifies whether the form has focus.
BiDiModepublicIndicates the layout of this form when running under Middle Eastern versions of the operating system.
BorderIconspublicSpecifies which icons appear on the title bar of the form.
BorderStylepublicSpecifies the appearance and behavior of the form border.
BoundspublicBounds of form - position and size.
CamerapublicSpecifies the camera attached to this form.
CaptionpublicSpecifies a text string that identifies the form to the user.
CapturedpublicSpecifies the control that has captured the mouse.
ChildrenpublicStores an array of children attached to this parent component.
ChildrenCountpublicRead-only property that specifies the number of children in the children list.
ClientHeightpublicSpecifies the height (in pixels) of the form's client area.
ClientWidthpublicSpecifies the width (in pixels) of the form's client area.
ColorpublicSpecifies the background color this 3D form will use.
ComObjectpublicSpecifies the interface reference implemented by the component.
ComponentCountpublicIndicates the number of components owned by the component.
ComponentIndexpublicIndicates the position of the component in its owner's Components property array.
ComponentspublicLists all components owned by the component.
ComponentStatepublicDescribes the current state of the component, indicating when a component needs to avoid certain actions.
ComponentStylepublicGoverns the behavior of the component.
ContextpublicSpecifies the 3D context attached to this form.
ContextHandleprotectedUsed internally by the canvas of this form.
CursorpublicSpecifies the mouse cursor that will be used on this form.
DatapublicStores a Tvalue, which is a data structure that can store different kinds of data types.
DesignerpublicSpecifies the designer interface for the form.
DesignInfopublicContains information used by the Form designer.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FocusedpublicSpecifies the control that has the focus set on it.
FormFactorpublicSpecifies the form factor for this FireMonkey form, that is, the TFormFactor properties: width, height, orientations, and devices.
FormFamilypublicIs a string property that specifies the form family this form is part of. The logic can choose a different form as the main form depending on size, if an app has several forms with the same .FormFamily value as the app's main form.
FormStatepublicIndicates transitional state information about the form.
FormStylepublicDetermines the form style.
FullScreenpublicIndicates whether the form is in fullscreen mode.
HandlepublicSpecifies the handle of this form.
HeightpublicSpecifies the vertical size of the form (in pixels).
HoveredpublicIdentifies the control over which the mouse pointer is hovering.
IndexpublicSpecifies the index of the child object in the children array attached to this object.
LeftpublishedSpecifies the X coordinate of the upper-left corner of the form, relative to the screen.
ModalResultpublicRepresents the return value of a form that is used as a modal dialog box.
MultisamplepublicSpecifies whether this form is rendered with antialiasing (multisampling).
NamepublishedSpecifies the name of the component as referenced in code.
ObserverspublicIndicates the TObservers object added to the TComponent.
OwnerpublicIndicates the component that is responsible for streaming and freeing this component.
PaddingpublicSpecifies the padding of the form.
ParentpublicSpecifies the parent component of this FMX object.
ParentFormpublicSpecifies the parent form of this form.
PositionpublicRepresents the size and placement of the form.
RootpublicSpecifies the root parent of this object.
SaveStatepublicSpecifies the save state of the FireMonkey form.
ShowFullScreenIconpublicIndicates whether the Mac fullscreen icon is visible.
ShowHintpublicDetermines whether help hints are enabled or disabled for first level child controls in the form.
StoredpublicSpecifies whether this object is stored in the .XFM file.
StyleBookpublicSpecifies the style book for this form.
StyleNamepublishedSpecifies the style name for this FMX component.
SystemStatusBarpublicSystem status bar settings on mobile platforms.
TagpublishedStores a NativeInt integral value as a part of a component.
TagFloatpublicCustom property that stores any floating-point value.
TagObjectpublicCustom property that stores any object value.
TagStringpublicCustom property that stores any string value.
ToppublishedSpecifies the Y coordinate of the upper-left corner of the form, relative to the screen.
TransparencypublicIndicates whether the form is transparent or not.
UsingDesignCamerapublicSpecifies whether this form will use the default design camera or a custom camera while rendering this 3D form.
VCLComObjectpublicRepresents information used internally by components that support COM.
VisiblepublicIndicates whether the form is visible.
WidthpublicSpecifies the horizontal size of the form (in pixels).
WindowStatepublicRepresents how the form appears on the screen.