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property ImeMode: TImeMode read FImeMode write FImeMode default imDontCare;


__property TImeMode ImeMode = {read=FImeMode, write=FImeMode, default=3};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.Controls TWinControl


Determines the behavior of the input method editor (IME).

Set ImeMode to configure the way an IME processes user keystrokes. An IME is a front-end input processor for Asian language characters. The IME hooks all keyboard input, converts it to Asian characters in a conversion window, and sends the converted characters or strings on to the application.

ImeMode allows a control to influence the type of conversion performed by the IME so that it is appropriate for the input expected by the control. For example, a control that only accepts numeric input might specify an ImeMode of imClose, as no conversion is necessary for numeric input.

Note: The value of ImeMode only takes effect when the control receives focus. To change the value of ImeMode when the control already has input focus, call the SetIme method.

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