Xml.xmldom.IDOMNode Properties

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attributespublicRepresents the attributes of an element node.
childNodespublicRepresents the child nodes of the node.
firstChildpublicRepresents the first child node of this node.
lastChildpublicRepresents the last child node of this node.
localNamepublicIndicates the name of the node without any namespace prefix.
namespaceURIpublicIndicates the URI for the namespace used in the qualified node name.
nextSiblingpublicRepresents the next child of this node's parent.
nodeNamepublicIndicates the name of the node.
nodeTypepublicIndicates the type of the node.
nodeValuepublicIndicates the value of the node.
ownerDocumentpublicRepresents the interface for the document that contains this node.
parentNodepublicProvides access to the interface of the node's parent node.
prefixpublicIndicates the namespace prefix for the node.
previousSiblingpublicRepresents the preceding child of this node's parent.