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THTTPSoapDispatcher = class(THTTPSoapDispatchNode, IWebDispatch)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION THTTPSoapDispatcher : public Soap::Soaphttpdisp::THTTPSoapDispatchNode


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Soap.WebBrokerSOAP Soap.WebBrokerSOAP


THTTPSoapDispatcher responds to SOAP messages by forwarding them to an invoker for interpretation.

Use THTTPSoapDispatcher in an application that publishes a Web Service using SOAP. THTTPSoapDispatcher responds to all SOAP-based calls made to the invokable interfaces that are registered in the application. These interfaces are registered by calling the RegisterInterface method of the invocation registry (InvRegistry).

THTTPSoapDispatcher only acts as a dispatcher, receiving incoming messages and forwarding them on to another component that handles the task of interpreting and executing them. The component that interprets and executes SOAP message is identified by the Dispatcher property. Dispatcher is the interface of an invoker component, which interprets the SOAP message, identifies the invokable interface that is the target of the call, executes the call, and assembles the content of the response message.

THTTPSoapDispatcher automatically registers itself with the Web module (or Web dispatcher) as an auto-dispatching object. This means that the Web module or Web dispatcher forwards all incoming HTTP messages directed to the SOAP dispatcher without requiring the use of Web action items.

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