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function AppendBlock(const AContainerName, ABlobName: string; AContent: TArray<Byte>; const AContentMD5: string;  const ALeaseId: string; const AClientRequestID: string; AMaxSize, AAppendPos: Integer; const AActionConditional: TBlobActionConditional; const AResponseInfo: TCloudResponseInfo): boolean;


bool __fastcall AppendBlock(const System::UnicodeString AContainerName, const System::UnicodeString ABlobName, System::DynamicArray<System::Byte> AContent, const System::UnicodeString AContentMD5, const System::UnicodeString ALeaseId, const System::UnicodeString AClientRequestID, int AMaxSize, int AAppendPos, const TBlobActionConditional &AActionConditional, Data::Cloud::Cloudapi::TCloudResponseInfo* const AResponseInfo);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Data.Cloud.AzureAPI TAzureBlobService


Appends an array of bytes to the end of an existing append blob, and returns True on success or False otherwise.

AppendBlock receives the following parameters:

  • AContainerName is the name of the blob container where the target append blob is.
  • ABlobName is the name of the target append blob.
  • AContent is the array of bytes to append to the target append blob.
  • AContentMD5 (optional) is an MD5 checksum of AContent which the server can use to ensure that AContent was received correctly.
  • ALeaseId is the identifier of a lease that is currently active on the target append blob, or an empty string if there is no active lease on the target append blob.
  • AClientRequestID is an optional string that uniquely identifies your client. This value is used for storage analytics.
  • AMaxSize (optional) is the maximum length (in bytes) permitted for the target append blob.
  • AAppendPos (optional) is a number that indicates the expected byte offset. AppendBlock only succeeds if the position where AContent is appended is equal to this number.
  • AActionConditional (optional) is a set of conditional headers to include in the request.
  • AResponseInfo is an optional instance of TCloudResponseInfo to store the information of the response. Use a nil value if you do not need the information of the response.

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