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function ChangeBlobLease(const ContainerName, BlobName: string;  const LeaseID, ProposedLeaseID: string; ResponseInfo: TCloudResponseInfo): Boolean;


bool __fastcall ChangeBlobLease(const System::UnicodeString ContainerName, const System::UnicodeString BlobName, const System::UnicodeString LeaseID, const System::UnicodeString ProposedLeaseID, Data::Cloud::Cloudapi::TCloudResponseInfo* ResponseInfo);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Data.Cloud.AzureAPI TAzureBlobService


Attempts to change the identifier of a lease (lock for write and delete operations) on the specified blob of the specified container.

ChangeBlobLease accepts the following parameters:

  • ContainerName is the name of the container where the target blob belongs.
  • BlobName is the name of the target blob.
  • LeaseId must be the GUID that is the identifier of the current lease on the specified blob. If the proposed GUID (ProposedLeaseID) is used, ChangeBlobLease changes the value of LeaseId to the new GUID.
  • ResponseInfo is an optional instance of TCloudResponseInfo to store the information of the response. Use a nil value if you do not need the information of the response.

ChangeBlobLease returns True if the lease ID is modified or False otherwise.

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