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function PutAppendBlob(const AContainerName, ABlobName, ALeaseID: string;  const AOptionalHeaders: TStrings; const AMetadata: TStrings; const AResponseInfo: TCloudResponseInfo): Boolean;


bool __fastcall PutAppendBlob(const System::UnicodeString AContainerName, const System::UnicodeString ABlobName, const System::UnicodeString ALeaseID, System::Classes::TStrings* const AOptionalHeaders, System::Classes::TStrings* const AMetadata, Data::Cloud::Cloudapi::TCloudResponseInfo* const AResponseInfo);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Data.Cloud.AzureAPI TAzureBlobService


Creates a new append blob.

PutAppendBlob receives the following parameters:

  • AContainerName is the name of the blob container where the new append blob is created.
  • ABlobName is the name of the new append blob.
  • ALeaseId is the identifier of a lease that is currently active on the new append blob, or an empty string if there is no active lease on the new append blob.
  • AOptionalHeaders (optional) is a string that contains additional headers to include in the request. For example, if you want to include the "Content-Encoding" and "Content-Type" headers, the value of AOptionalHeaders should be "content-encoding,content-type".
  • AMetadata (optional) are metadata key-value pairs to associate with the new append blob.
  • AResponseInfo is an optional instance of TCloudResponseInfo to store the information of the response. Use a nil value if you do not need the information of the response.

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