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property SortOptions: TFDSortOptions read GetSortOptions write SetSortOptions  stored IsSOS default [];


__property Firedac::Stan::Intf::TFDSortOptions SortOptions = {read=GetSortOptions, write=SetSortOptions, stored=IsSOS, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Stan.Option TFDFormatOptions


Specifies the default sort options for the local sorting operations.

Use the SortOptions property to specify the default sorting options for the local sorting operations. For details, see Options. The default value is [].  The local sorting is performed by the IndexFieldNames and Indexes properties. The SortOptions is the default value for an index in the Indexes collection and can be overridden by the Options property. SortOptions is the only way to specify the options for IndexFieldNames

Specifying SortOptions is always optional for TFDMemTable, TFDQuery, and TFDStoredProc.

For TFDTable, it may be required when the database collation differs from the default locale. In this case, consider to specify soNoCase, soNullLess, and soNoSymbols. soDescNullLast and soNullFirst are ignored by TFDTable. And the NULL position is determined by the DBMS.

Additionally, SortLocale can be used.

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