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procedure FetchAll;


void __fastcall FetchAll();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Bde.DBTables TBDEDataSet


Retrieves all records from the current cursor position to the end of the file and stores them locally.

Call FetchAll to reduce network traffic when using cached updates. FetchAll calls CheckBrowseMode to post any pending changes, and then retrieves all records from the current cursor position to the end of the file, and stores them locally.

Ordinarily when cached updates are enabled, a transaction retrieves only as much data as it needs for display purposes. Each new fetch starts a new, read-only transaction. To consolidate transactions and reduce network traffic, an application can call FetchAll to retrieve all data in a single transaction.

Note: Using FetchAll is not always appropriate. For example, when an application accesses a database used by many simultaneous clients and there is a high degree of contention for updating the same records, fetching all records at once may not be advantageous because some fetched records may be changed by other applications. Always weigh the advantages of reduced network traffic against the need for reduced record contention.

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