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function PSGetUpdateException(E: Exception; Prev: EUpdateError): EUpdateError; override;


virtual Data::Db::EUpdateError* __fastcall PSGetUpdateException(System::Sysutils::Exception* E, Data::Db::EUpdateError* Prev);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
Bde.DBTables TBDEDataSet


Generates an EUpdateError object based on another exception object.

Bde.DBTables.TBDEDataSet.PSGetUpdateException inherits from Data.DB.TDataSet.PSGetUpdateException. All content below this line refers to Data.DB.TDataSet.PSGetUpdateException.

Generates an EUpdateError object based on another exception object.

The provider component calls PSGetUpdateException when the exception E occurs while applying updates. This method allows the provider to create a single EUpdateError object that encapsulates all the exceptions that occur in an update operation.

PSGetUpdateException determines the error message, context string, and error code from the exception specified by E and creates a new EUpdateError exception that includes that information as well as the information about a previous error, as specified by Prev. The context string and error code for E may be specific to the Exception class associated with the dataset. By default, TDataSet generates an EUpdateError with an error code of 1 and an empty context string.

This method is an implementation of IProviderSupport.PSGetUpdateException.

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