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property ProblemCount: Longint read FProblemCount;


__property int ProblemCount = {read=FProblemCount, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Bde.DBTables TBatchMove


Indicates the number of records which could not be added to Destination without loss of data due to a field type mismatch.

Read ProblemCount to learn the number of records from the Source that had field values which could not be mapped to destination fields without being "trimmed". If a ProblemTableName is specified, ProblemCount is the number of records in that table.

Trimming a field means converting its value to a value compatible with the destination field type. For example, if a field in the destination table holds a string of size 10 characters, and the corresponding field in the source table holds a string of size 15 characters, any values from the source table longer than 10 characters must be truncated. Values that cannot be converted will cause TBatchMove to raise an exception.

Trimming does not occur when the Mode property is set to batCopy. Trimming fields on a delete operation means that records in the destination table may be deleted that do not exactly match the values from the source table.

Note: If AbortOnProblem is true, then ProblemCount will be at most one, because the operation aborts when the problem occurs.

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