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procedure GetConfigParams(const Path, Section: string; List: TStrings);


void __fastcall GetConfigParams(const System::UnicodeString Path, const System::UnicodeString Section, System::Classes::TStrings* List);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Bde.DBTables TSession


Retrieves Borland Database Engine (BDE) configuration information.

Call GetConfigParams to retrieve specific types of configuration information from the BDE configuration file used to initialize the application.

Path represents the internal node structure of the BDE configuration file, and must always start at the root, denoted by a backslash. Each node must be separated from others by a backslash, and no node may be empty. For example, a Path of \SYSTEM\FORMATS\TIME, returns the time format used by the BDE configuration file.

Path can contain a replaceable string formatting symbol (%s) in one of its node designations. If it does, Section must contain the missing node information. In this case, GetConfigParams inserts the contents of Section into Path before calling the BDE for the requested information.

List is a string list object, created and maintained by the application, into which to store the configuration information. For example, if Path is \DATABASES\%s\DB INFO, and Section is an alias name, then GetConfigParams returns the parameters for the alias in List.

For more information about the BDE Configuration File, see the online BDE help.

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