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property Text: string read GetText write SetText;


__property System::UnicodeString Text = {read=GetText, write=SetText};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.ActnList TCustomAction


Represents the caption of the action.

Text holds the string that is used in the same way as the Caption of the action, when it is set. The value of Text is propagated to the action's clients.

Text is the same as Caption. You can use both Text and Caption, but descendant classes should only use the published property Text, so that the Object Inspector displays only the Text property, as in most FireMonkey components.

In the Text property you can define an accelerator key. On Windows platforms, an accelerator key is shown as an underlined letter. To specify an accelerator key, precede an <accelerator_letter> with an ampersand & character. The letter after the ampersand appears underlined. For example, to set the S character as an accelerator key for a Save action, type &Save. On Windows platforms, accelerator keys enable the user to activate actions pressing Alt+<accelerator_letter> key combination. To show a single ampersand & character in a Text property specify doubled ampersand && characters. Notice that & and _ are seen and can be used only under Windows.

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