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TFilterColorKeyAlpha = class(TFilterBaseFilter)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TFilterColorKeyAlpha : public TFilterBaseFilter


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Filter.Effects FMX.Filter.Effects


TFilterColorKeyAlpha is a wrapper for TColorKeyAlphaEffect.

FMX.Filter.Effects.TFilterColorKeyAlpha inherits from FMX.Filter.Effects.TColorKeyAlphaEffect. All content below this line refers to FMX.Filter.Effects.TColorKeyAlphaEffect.

TColorKeyAlphaEffect is a class for creating an effect that makes pixels of a particular color transparent.

TColorKeyAlphaEffect affects the textures of visual objects.

For further information, go to TImageFXEffect and FireMonkey Image Effects.

Set the ColorKey property to specify the key of the color to become transparent. The tolerance between colors can be changed through the Tolerance property. If Tolerance is 0, no color becomes transparent. As Tolerance is increased, the number of colors that become transparent increases too.

The following table shows the result of the TColorKeyAlphaEffect effect on a .png picture, with transparent background, placed on a form (using a TImage object).

No effect (original picture) Tolerance=0.3 ColorKey=0 Tolerance=0.3 ColorKey=0.5

FireMonkey logo NoEffects.PNG

FireMonkey logo TMonochromeEffect ColorKey 0.PNG

FireMonkey logo TMonochromeEffect ColorKey 0.5.PNG

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