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TFilterLineTransition = class(TFilterBaseFilter)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TFilterLineTransition : public TFilterBaseFilter


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Filter.Effects FMX.Filter.Effects


TFilterLineTransition is a wrapper for TLineTransitionEffect.

FMX.Filter.Effects.TFilterLineTransition inherits from FMX.Filter.Effects.TLineTransitionEffect. All content below this line refers to FMX.Filter.Effects.TLineTransitionEffect.

TLineTransitionEffect is a class for creating an effect that makes a transition between the texture of visible objects and another texture, using a line to tie the textures.

For further information, see TImageFXEffect and FireMonkey Image Effects.

The transition is made between the texture of the object to which the effect is applied and the bitmap specified by the Target property. If Target is not specified, TLineTransitionEffect has no visual effect. The line that delimits the two textures is defined through the Origin, OffsetProp, and Normal properties. To set the fuzziness amount of the line, set the FuzzyAmount property.

The progress of the transition between the two textures can be changed by using the Progress property. When Progress is set to 0%, the line passes through the Origin point. If Progress is set to 100%, the line passes through the OffsetProp point. The second point that defines the line is calculated depending on Normal. Normal determines the line orientation. If the X coordinate of Normal is 0, then the line is parallel with the X axis. If the Y coordinate of Normal is 0, then the line is parallel with the Y axis.

The following table shows the result of the TLineTransitionEffect effect on a .png picture, placed on a form (using a TImage object).

The values used to define the line:

  • Origin= PointF(70,50)
  • OffsetProp= PointF(180,90)
  • For the table's cells where Normal is not specified, it is considered to be in the middle of the image.
  • For the table's cells where Progress is not specified, the default value is used (Progress=30%).
  • FuzzyAmount=0.1

No effect (original picture)



FireMonkey logo NoEffects.PNG

FireMonkey logo TLineTransitionEffect texture progress 0.PNG

FireMonkey logo TLineTransitionEffect texture progress 100.PNG




Filter Effecs texture.PNG

FireMonkey logo TLineTransitionEffect texture NormalX 0.PNG

FireMonkey logo TLineTransitionEffect texture NormalY 0.PNG

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