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TMagnifyEffect = class(TImageFXEffect)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TMagnifyEffect : public TImageFXEffect


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Filter.Effects FMX.Filter.Effects


TMagnifyEffect is a class for creating an effect that magnifies a circular region of the texture of visual objects.

For further information, go to TImageFXEffect and FireMonkey Image Effects.

TMagnifyEffect imitates the effect of a magnifying glass.

The center of the circular region is specified through the Center property. The aspect of the circular region can be customized through the Radius and AspectRatio properties. The magnification factor can be set through the Magnification property. TMagnifyEffect applies the same magnification over the entire surface of the circular region.

The following table shows the result of the TMagnifyEffect effect on a .png picture, placed on a form (using a TImage object). The Center of the circular region is set in the middle of the image. The rest of the TMagnifyEffect properties are used with their default values (AspectRatio=1.5, Magnification=2, Radius=0.25).

No effect (original picture) Result

FireMonkey logo NoEffects shadow.PNG

FireMonkey logo TMagnifyEffect.PNG

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