FMX.Forms.TCustomPopupForm Events

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OnActivatepublicOccurs when the form becomes active.
OnAniTimerpublicPeriodically occurs during TCustomPopupForm custom animation execution.
OnClosepublicOccurs when the form closes.
OnCloseQuerypublicOccurs when there is an attempt to close the form.
OnCreatepublicOccurs when the form is created.
OnDeactivatepublicOccurs when the form loses focus.
OnDestroypublicOccurs when the form is destroyed.
OnFocusChangedpublicOccurs when the current Form loses the focus.
OnHidepublicOccurs when the form is hidden (that is, when its Visible property is set to False).
OnKeyDownpublicOccurs when a key is pressed while the form has focus.
OnKeyUppublicOccurs when a key is released while the form has focus.
OnMouseDownpublicOccurs when a mouse button is pressed over the form.
OnMouseMovepublicOccurs when the mouse cursor moves while over the form area.
OnMouseUppublicOccurs when the mouse button that was pressed over the form is released.
OnMouseWheelpublicOccurs when the mouse wheel moves while the form has focus.
OnPaintpublicOccurs when the form is redrawn.
OnResizepublicOccurs immediately after the form is resized.
OnSaveStatepublicOccurs when the form is about to go to background on mobile devices or when the form is about to be closed on desktop.
OnShowpublicOccurs when the form is shown (that is, when its Visible property is set to True).
OnTappublicOccurs when a user taps the form using a finger or a similar device (not a mouse).
OnTouchpublicOccurs when the user touches the form area.
OnVirtualKeyboardHiddenpublicOccurs when the virtual keyboard of the form is hidden.
OnVirtualKeyboardShownpublicOccurs when the virtual keyboard of the form is shown.