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property OnDownloadProgress: TIAPDownloadProgressEvent  read FOnDownloadProgress write FOnDownloadProgress;


__property TIAPDownloadProgressEvent OnDownloadProgress = {read=FOnDownloadProgress, write=FOnDownloadProgress};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event public
FMX.InAppPurchase TCustomInAppPurchase


Triggered during the download of a product's data. It provides information regarding the progress of the content download.

Note: Download of product data is only available for the iOS In-App Purchase service.

This event provides the following arguments to its event handler:

  • Sender is the current instance of TCustomInAppPurchase.
  • ProductID is the ID of the product.
  • ContentID is the ID of the content that is being downloaded.
  • TimeRemaining is the estimated time remaining for the download to finish, in seconds.
  • Progress is the progress of the download so far. Its value lies between 0.0 (the download has not started yet) and 1.0 (the download is complete).

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