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property Media: TMedia read GetMedia;


__property TMedia* Media = {read=GetMedia};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Media TMediaPlayer


Specifies the current TMedia attached to this media player.

Call the Play and Stop methods to start playing, or to stop or pause the current Media file, respectively.

Media is assigned and created when the FileName property is set.

TMediaPlayer exposes the Media properties through the following properties: Duration, VideoSize, CurrentTime, Volume, and State.

To empty the current Media attached to the media player, call the Clear method.

If Media type is audio, then calling Play will start playing the audio file. If Media type is video, then calling Play will just play the audio component of the specified video file. To display a video file, use a TMediaPlayerControl, and link the current TMediaPlayer to it by setting the MediaPlayer property of the TMediaPlayerControl.

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