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type TBackupOptions = set of TBackupOption;


typedef System::Set<TBackupOption, TBackupOption::IgnoreChecksums, TBackupOption::ConvertExtTables> TBackupOptions;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
IBX.IBServices IBX.IBServices


TBackupOption and TBackupOptions indicate how TIBBackupService performs database backup.

TBackupOptions is a set of TBackupOption values. The following table lists the possible values:


A checksum is a page-by-page analysis of data to verify its integrity. A bad checksum means that a data page has been randomly overwritten, for example, due to a system crash.

Checksum errors indicate data corruption, and InterBase normally prevents you from backing up a database if bad checksums are detected. Examine the data the next time you restore the database.

To ignore checksums during backup, set IgnoreChecksums to true.


Limbo transactions are usually caused by the failure of a two-phased commit. They can also exist due to system failure or when a single-database transaction is prepared.

To ignore limbo transactions during backup, set IgnoreLimbo to true.

When your application ignores limbo transactions during backup, it ignores all records versions created by any limbo transaction, finds the most recently committed version of a record, and backs up that version.


When backing up a database, you can exclude its data, saving only the metadata. You might want to do this to:

Retain a record of the metadata before it is modified.

Create an empty copy of the database. The copy has the same metadata but can be populated with different data.

Set MetaDataOnly to true to save only the metadata.


Garbage collections marks space used by old versions of data records as free for reuse. Generally, you want to perform garbage collection during backup.

To disable garbage collection, set NoGarbageCollection to true.


Set OldMetadataDesc to true if you want to back up metadata in the old-style format.


Set to NonTransportable to true if you do not want data to be moved to a machine with a different operating system than the one on which the backup was performed. If NonTransportable is set to false (the default), then data is saved in a generic format, enabling you to restore to any machine that supports InterBase.


Set ConvertExtTables to true if you want to convert external files into internal tables during the backup