System.Bluetooth.TBluetoothLEManager Fields

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FBluetoothManagerClassprotectedContains a subclass of TBluetoothLEManager that provides support for the platform where your application is running.
FFilterUUIDListprotectedA list of services for filtering in the StartDiscovery method.
FForceRefreshCachedDevicesprotectedProtected field that holds the value of the ForceRefreshCachedDevices property.
FLastDiscoveredLETimeStampprotectedProtected field that provides the value of the read-only LastDiscoveredTimeStamp property.
FOnDiscoverLEDeviceprotectedProtected field that provides the event handler of the OnDiscoverLeDevice event.
FOnDiscoveryLEEndprotectedProtected field that provides the event handler of the OnDiscoveryEnd event.
FOnIdentifyCustomUUIDprotectedProtected field that provides the event handler of the OnIdentifyCustomUUID event.
FServicesFilterScanprotectedIndicates whether StartDiscovery must filter devices by service (True) or not (False).