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property Host: string read FHost write SetHost;


__property System::UnicodeString Host = {read=FHost, write=SetHost};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
System.Win.ScktComp TAbstractSocket


Specifies an alias for the IP address of the server system.

Host is a string containing the domain name and service of a particular system, such as

For client sockets, set Host to the system with which the client socket should form a connection. When the socket opens a connection, it looks up the IP address for the server socket using the value of Host.

Some servers change the system or IP address that is associated with a particular host name. Using a host name allows the client socket to find the abstract site represented by the host name, even when it has moved to a new IP address.

If Host is set, it takes precedence over the Address property when looking up the address of the server.

Note: Trying to change Host when the connection is open will raise an ESocketError exception.

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