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property OnClientRead: TSocketNotifyEvent read FOnClientRead write FOnClientRead;


__property TSocketNotifyEvent OnClientRead = {read=FOnClientRead, write=FOnClientRead};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event public
System.Win.ScktComp TServerWinSocket


Occurs when the server socket should read information from a client socket.

Write an OnClientRead event handler to read from the socket connection. Use a TWinSocketStream object or the methods of the Socket parameter to do the reading.

The Sender parameter is the TServerWinClient object that received the client request. The Socket parameter is the TServerClientWinSocket object that encapsulates the Windows socket connection.

Note: If ServerType is stThreadBlocking, make sure that all code in an OnClientRead event handler is thread-safe. Use the GetClientThread method to access thread-specific information.

Note: The OnClientRead event handler for TServerWinSocket is also set when setting the OnClientRead event handler of the associated TServerSocket.

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