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property SortType: TSortType read FSortType write SetSortType default stNone;


__property TSortType SortType = {read=FSortType, write=SetSortType, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.ComCtrls TCustomListView


Determines if and how the items in the list are automatically sorted.

Set SortType to specify the order of items in the list. If SortType is not stNone, the list items in the Items property are automatically sorted. Once a list view is sorted, the original order is lost. That is, setting the SortType back to stNone will not restore the original order of items.

Note: If SortType is stData or stBoth, provide an OnCompare event handler to compare data values.

Note: If the list view uses work areas, sorting items only compares each item to the other items in its work area.

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