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property Tab[Index: Byte]: Longint read GetTab write SetTab;


__property int Tab[System::Byte Index] = {read=GetTab, write=SetTab};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.ComCtrls TParaAttributes


Specifies the position, in points, of a particular tab stop.

Tab is an indexed property into an array of absolute tab stop positions. The position of the first tab stop is Tab[0], the next tab stop is Tab[1], and so on to Tab[TabCount - 1].

When setting Tab, values of Index below TabCount change the positions of existing tab stops. Values of Index greater than or equal to TabCount increase the number of tab stops in the paragraph and change the value of TabCount.

Note: Setting Tab does not insert a tab into the text of the paragraph. It sets the positions within the paragraph where tabs will occur if they are inserted. The actual tab characters are inserted into the paragraph by using the Tab key.

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