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typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TShortCutEvent)(Winapi::Messages::TWMKey &Msg, bool &Handled);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
typedef public Vcl.Forms.hpp Vcl.Forms Vcl.Forms


TShortCutEvent is the type of an OnShortCut event handler.

The TShortCutEvent type represents event handlers that respond to keystrokes before they enter the standard keystroke processing. These event handlers allow an application to bypass the standard keystroke processing for special shortcut keys.

The Msg parameter represents the Windows keystroke message. The virtual key code is given by the CharCode field, and the KeyData field contains a set of flags that indicate the repeat count, scan code, extended-key flag, context code, previous key-state flag and transition-state flag. See the Windows documentation for details on these fields.

The Handled parameter indicates whether the event handler processed the key. If Handled is set to true, then the application stops processing the keystroke. Otherwise (if Handled remains false) the application proceeds with normal keystroke processing.

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